Recently I lost my “Take Your Pick Tool“. As you can guess I was like a fish out of water. I really do use this tool routinely. I use it for many tasks.
  • Picking up sequins with the putty edge.
  • Picking up rhinestones, gems, or enamel dots.
  • I frequently use the spatula edge to lift up those dimensionals that have incorrectly been place. Also, I use the spatula edge to apply pastes.
  • I use the brush edge to get the small pieces left on my cardstock after die cutting.
  • The paper piercing tool is my most often used.

When I lost my tool, I tried other tools in my studio, but I was quite frustrated. Of course, I ordered a replacement, I can 100% state I am relieved. I guess I can relate my attachment to the Take your Pick tool as to drinking hot cocoa with the addition of yummy marshmallows and a sprinkle of cinnamon as to just a cup of cocoa.

Add the ease of your own Take a Pick Tool by going to my online store. The item number is 144107. I can confidently say it will be the best $10.00 you have ever spent.