Hands down this is one of the most used tools in my studio. It has interchangeable tips that can be inserted at both ends of the wand. THer is

  • a paper piercing tip that works so well in picking small pieces of paper as well as removing the release paper on those well used dimensionals. Of course, there are other ways you will find to use this tip.
  • You can take off the paper piercing tip and on the opposite end of this tip there is a small spatula tip. This tip is great to lift up paper that has been adhered with dimensionals. Of course, it can be used as its name suggests which is a spatula.

This dual tip can be inserted to one end and locks in the wand.

Other very useful tips are

  • The tip with retractable putty can also be used to pick up small things. Replacements are available for order.
  • There is also a brush tip that can assist in cleaning up those pieces left on our dies.

This item can be purchase in my online store. It is item #144107. I will be the best $10.00 you have spent.