Have you ever had a dream that you remembered? I had a dream a few months ago and I remembered it today.

We had a neighbor that was always so thoughtful. My husband was sick, and I was crazy busy trying to get everything done including the yardwork.

One of the chores I was failing at was remembering to return the empty garbage can to its place after pickup. One evening our neighbor returned the empty garbage can to its place for me. I didn’t notice until the next morning. Every week after that day he continued to return the garbage can. I was so thankful, and I took the neighbors some baked goods to show appreciation.

Then when we had our first snowfall, I was on my way out to shovel the snow. But when I went out to shovel the snow it had already been done. I wondered who had done this for me. I decided I had an angel. Then one morning after another snowfall I saw the same neighbor shoveling the snow for us.

I meant to take them some goodies and a card, but I needed to make a card. I got busy and forgot for a while. Then I remembered and went over to give them treats and a card. I discovered that they had moved so I never got to thank them. I felt so bad. That night I dreamt a horrible dream about not showing kindness.

Today I remembered the dream and as I was in my studio, I made this slim line card. I will mail it and ask for it to be forwarded.