September 6, – September 27, 2021

Rita’s Paper Motif on Facebook


How to play:

  • Must register by August 31, 2021- To register each player picks five numbers between 1 and 75 and either texts, emails, or send by messenger their choice.
  • Then three times a week on Rita’s Paper Motif on Facebook I will draw three numbers.
  • If you have that number, you will indicate that you have the number by commenting. For example: if I call out 2, 45, 10 and you had #2 you would write the letter “B” in the comment section. If you had #2 and #10, you would comment “B”, “I” in comment section.

If I do not call any of your numbers no need to comment. Now the next time I draw numbers if I drew one of your numbers you would comment appropriately. So, when I draw one of your numbers (which ever time I draw) you comment “B.” When I draw another number that you have (which ever time I draw) you comment “I.” When I draw a third number you choose, you comment the letter “N.” When I draw the fourth number you chose, you comment “G”. And when I draw the fifth number you comment “O”. When I call out the numbers if I do not draw any of your chosen numbers continue the next drawing. If I draw three numbers and you have all three then you comment “B I N”

The first person to reach “BINGO” wins.

  • We can have up to two winners and we can play up to two times.
  • Each winner will receive a nice gift.

To Register:

       Choose your five number and test them to me at 775-232-1004 or by messenger to me. These number must be received by